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Have you been before? Tree lined streets and architecture for days. Endless bars and eateries with endearingly kitsch artwork strewn along pavements and through alley ways. Europe! A Continent you will come to love and surely return to. Where to start on your journey through this beautiful and expansive land? Consisting of 50 Countries, covering over 100 million square kilometres and home to over 740 million people, Europe is a travellers dream. Whether you’re travelling in style driving down the French Riviera staying in Chateaus along the way. Or back-packing through the big Cities you will surely need one thing, plenty of Euros and a good AUD to EURO exchange rate!


I have to say as a seasoned traveller I have made my fair share of mistakes when it comes to exchanging my Australian dollars. Most of these mistakes have come down to a lack of planning. That leaves me without local currency in my pocket upon departing. Or having to change AUD to EURO at exorbitant rates at airports! There are two types of travellers. First the carefully organised planners that have their toothpaste packed three weeks before they depart. Secondly fly by the seat of your pants go with the flow types. They are more worried about which European destinations they want to get lost in first. I think most of us sit somewhere comfortably in between. What can certainly be said for all types of travellers is that we’d prefer to be prepared financially before we take off! This means exchanging your AUD to EURO before you depart!

Do your homework before you leave

Finding a trustworthy exchange with great rates and avoiding the hassles of high exchange rates at airports. Avoid getting anxious about using overseas ATM’s. The worst feeling is when you land in a new country unprepared, frantically looking around the Arrivals hall for a familiar sign to hand over your AUD. Regardless of the exchange rate all you want is some crisp Euros in your hand and you’ll be ready to go! It’s not an ideal situation! It’s not as though they have Value Currency Exchanges everywhere you go. And you certainly aren’t getting bang for your buck when you travel before visiting Value Australia first.


So now we’ve determined it’s in your best interest to exchange your AUD for EURO before you leave for the magical continent of Europe. When it comes to money exchangers there is no shortage of choice so how do you decide which one to use? There are definitely some that are better than others, but what to look for when exchanging AUD for EURO? First and foremost, a good exchange rate, preferably a GREAT exchange rate.

There are some great value exchanges out there and one of them is Value Currency Exchange. One of their most frequently visited branches is in Brisbane. They offer great service as well as fair rates. And let’s be honest, something a lot of people look for when exchanging money is a feeling of safety and trust. In fact a great deal of Australians tend to exchange their AUD for EURO or other currencies in Australia. They want to use a business that they trust and feel comfortable with. After all, everyone handing over their hard earned stacks wants value for money! Value Currency Exchange is definitely up there with the top money exchangers for peace of mind. In fact you can check out their daily exchange rates ~~ here ~~ . In comparison to some of the other exchanges their rates are really reasonable.


Book tours and tickets in advance. Europe is full of amazing attractions and landmarks. All of which are well worth the visit but sometimes the lines are long and tiresome. Book your tickets in advance online! There are plenty of sites where you can book in advance and avoid long wait times. Can’t decide between hotels and hostels? Europe is teeming with incredible hostels and hotels. Depending on your itinerary and age group you may prefer one over the other. However, there is a third option, luxury hostels in Europe. Some of which have the facilities of a hotel but still allow you to mingle with other travellers in a hostel environment. Take a look online at luxury hostels to see if they’re up your alley!

Experience more by going to fewer Countries! To enjoy Europe fully, one has to spend a good amount of time in each place. A lot of people go the Contiki route and are in and out of each Country in 24 to 48 hours. To really experience what each place has to offer it’s best to spend a decent amount of time wandering the streets and eating local cuisine. Immerse yourself in the culture of each place. Siestas! Europeans love an afternoon snooze so make sure you check out the customs of each Countries hours of operation before you head there. You may be surprised when a lot of shops and restaurants are closed for a period in the afternoons.

Enjoy your trip in Australia. Don’t forget to converting your Euros to AUD at Value Currency Exchange Brisbane.

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