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Do you want to delve into the cultural richness that is Singapore?
Are you looking for a unique holiday destination?



Singapore is currently one of the most popular destination countries for Australians to take a holiday. It has a rich and bustling culture full of life that you really should give yourself the opportunity to experience fully. The reason that Singapore is a priority holiday destination for Aussies would have to be due to the extraordinary discoveries that are to be made and to immerse themselves into headfirst.


Amazing Small Country


Although Singapore does not have the size to offer as a country (it only takes 45 minutes to drive from one side of Singapore to the other!), it makes up for it as a nation. To make sure that you squeeze the most out of your trip speak to the team at Value Currency Exchange in Brisbane. They will make sure that you are able to jump on that plane, ready and raring to go with the best exchange rates for AUD to SGD.

Is Singapore for me?

Who is Singapore for? It is for the thrill-seekers, the nature lovers and for anybody who loves to educate themselves on different cultures and whatever that may bring to them. For such a small mass of land that forms a country, you would never know it for the multitudes of things to see, do and experiences to enjoy. The types of folks that visit Singapore are made of all different ethnic backgrounds and social groups. After all, it is a remarkable location for anybody wanting to educate themselves about new things, go to new places & do different things. In addition, it is a place full of incredible passion and pride; the locals are incredibly passionate about everything they do.

What is there for me to do?

As soon as you begin to explore Singapore, you will be able to feast your eyes on some of the amazingly talented works by street artists work spread around Singapore. If you want to delve further into more historical and modern pieces of artwork, view the largest collection of Southeast Asian art, by attending the National Gallery of Singapore. Singapore is a very culturally diverse country so it is made up of a wide group of nationalities. In fact, this is shown by a large number of festivals and events held in Singapore every year!


Things to do in Singapore

These are just a few of the experiences available to you when you set down in Singapore but there are so many more things that you can do throughout your holiday, for the thrill-seekers there is so much you could do, such as attend iFly, an indoor skydiving centre or take on the extreme swing sending you hurtling through the sky at 120 kilometres an hour or try out reverse bungee jumping which instead of jump down, you get flung upwards at 100 kilometres an hour! What an adrenaline rush!


What else more

Singapore is full of action-packed moments to seize. Not only can you do these things but there are zip-lines but also surfing simulators, theme parks and much more. For those of you who like to take the time to get off the beaten path, there are incredible and intriguing natural wonders to discover. Furthermore,  Singapore Botanic Gardens is made up of over 60,000 plants. Moreover, in 2016 Singapore’s oldest garden became UNESCO’s first World Heritage Site in Singapore.


Paradise of Cats Lovers

This is not the only wonderful discovery that you could make in Singapore. For those of you who are feline enthusiasts, hello cat people! Locating just 6.5 kilometres south of the main island of Singapore. Actually, it’s an island filling with friends of a furry kind! A former quarantine island turned kitty sanctuary; this island is home to around 100 stray cats at last count! The coolest part is that most of these moggies are well using to human contact and are very friendly.


Heaven for those Foodies

Foodies will die and go to food heaven in Singapore! From street corner to fancy restaurant, hawker to hawker you can dine on the most sumptuous feasts. Singapore being the home of the Chilli Crab it is a dream for those seafood lovers. With the cheapest Michelin star rated food in the world; you are going to find nothing but the finest food wherever you look.  From fish head curry to rice dumplings and beef rendang. Your taste buds will be ablaze with a yearning for more.


Is there anyone for a gin and tonic?

If you like a beverage or two as part of your scene, Singapore has got what you want. They are home to one of the top ten bars in the whole world. It is also home to the bar that holds the world’s biggest collection of gin! Is there anyone for a gin and tonic?

 How much money do I need when convering AUD to SGD?

Compared to its neighbouring countries, Singapore is probably a little more expensive than you were thinking was likely. Most museums and other similar experiences should cost roughly around $20 each for a ticket or entry. Eating out in a café is likely to cost roughly the same. Alcohol is probably the biggest fee. A pint of beer or a glass of wine probably cost you around $15 to $25 per drink. With so many attractions and things to discover, make sure you prepare before you go. As soon as possible, call Value Currency Exchange today and they will talk you through the process of exchanging AUD to SGD.


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