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best exchange rates in Brisbane: Value Currency Exchange News

Best exchange rates in Brisbane- Value Currency Exchange. The latest Forex news of the US. Containing USD, AUD, EURO, and GBP.

USD Holds the Increasing GBP Going Weak Further

The US announced the number of unemployment benefits first applying last week. It is better than the expectation. It shows more chance to increase the interest rate. USD made more increasing to European currencies on Thursday. GBP fell 1.32 at the first time in this month. Therefore, it successfully gathers the intention of the investors.

USDX rose 0.300% to 93.766. Euro fell to 1.1725 USD, ended at 1.1761 on Wednesday. GBP fell to 1.3141 USD. It’s the lowest point since September. Ended at 1.3245 on Wednesday. AUD exchange to USD fell to the lowest point since the middle of July. The economic data is disappointing. AUD fell to 0.7807 USD, ended at 0.7864 on Wednesday New York. Please mind the latest best exchange rates in Brisbane. However, USD exchange to JPY fell. 1 USD exchange to 112.66 JPY, ended at 112.76 Wednesday.

Trends of  rate of interest

On Friday, The US is going to announce the employment report of September. The market is highly caring about it. Furthermore, the report will influence the chance of FED increasing the rate of interest. The analysts said they expect FED increase the rate of interest again in December. Therefore, USD will keep the supporting. If the economic number fell in short term, it might be the consequence impacts of the hurricanes.


The other factors

GBP is facing the pressure. The analyst is questioning if British Central Bank is going to raise the rate of interest. A report shows that the selling number of automobiles might drop 10% in September. Besides, the furniture company DFS made the warning. Therefore, both of the factors are negative to GBP. Moreover, leaving EU is still impacting to GBP. Follow the best exchange rates in Brisbane and mind the trends of these forexes.

The US announced the number of unemployment benefits first applying last week. There are 260 thousand applied for the first unemployment benefits. It’s lower than the expectation of 265 thousand. The trade deficit in August fell to 42.4 billion USD. They expected it would be 42.6 billion. The orders to the factories rose 1.2%. It’s a little bit higher than the expectation of 1.10%. Since the series of economic number turns to positive, they supported the rising of USD. All the factors affect the best exchange rates in Brisbane.

Inflation Numbers Stays Calm, USD Fell then Stop

President Trump announced the latest policy to Iran. Finance market is still peaceful. USD stop the falling since Friday morning. Earlier today, the US announced inflation number which is calm. Therefore, USD fell. Furthermore, the number shows inflation is still too low. The speed of normalization of monetary policy of FED is going to be slower.



USDX is 93.075 without dramatic shows. GBP rose to 1.33010 USD, ended at 1.3262 Thursday New York. Moreover, a German newspaper reported that EU might give British two years of leaving EU transaction policy. In the middle of today market, GBP, therefore, rose to 1.3324 USD high point. Euro fell to 1.1824 USD, ended at 1.1831 Thursday. Keep these numbers in mind, it’s the best exchange rates in Brisbane.
President Trump explained the policy to Iran. He also canceled Obama’s government’s nuclear agreement. USD and the stocks therefore rose. In the speech in White House, Trump said: “We couldn’t and we won’t admit the nuclear agreement.” Then, he instructs the finance department making a sanction to Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Even more, he mentioned this action shall start a long time ago. The policy Trump announced on Friday will be decided by the Congress.


The Index and Bonds

Earlier today, the US announced consumer price index of September rose 0.50%. The market expected it would be 0.60%. The core inflation rose 0.10%. They expected 0.20%. After they announced the number, USD fell.

Despite FED is going to raise the interest rate in December, the market starts some reaction already. However, the new data shows that the dove officers of Central Bank should slow down the speed of interest rate increases. Analysts said the core inflation number is weaker than they expected. So it becomes the pressures of USD. The inflation number is influenced by the hurricanes in September. USD is relying on the trend of the US national bonds as well. The 10-year bond yield fell to 2.288%. However, it was 2.324% earlier.


best exchange rates in Brisbane Affected by Other Numbers

The US announced September retail sales rose 1.6% too. They expected 1.90%. Except for the automobiles, September retail sales rose 1.00%. The market expected 0.8%.
The University of Michigan announced the initial consumer price index in October rose to 101.1. It is the highest point since the beginning of 2004. The number was 95.100 in September. The market expected 95.00. All the factors affect to best exchange rates in Brisbane.



USDX is a comprehensive reflection of the dollar in the international foreign exchange market exchange rate indicators, used to measure the dollar against the currency of the exchange rate changes. It measures the extent of the dollar by calculating the dollar and the combined rate of change in the selected currency, which indirectly reflects the US’s export competitiveness and changes in import costs.

USDX futures calculation principle is based on the global major countries and the United States trade settlement between the amount based on the weighted way to calculate the overall strength of the dollar and 100 points for the strength of the dividing line. After the launch of the euro on January 1, 1999, the subject matter of the futures contract was adjusted, from 10 countries to 6 countries, the euro has become the most important and largest weight of the currency, its weight 57.6%, therefore, the euro fluctuations in the strength of the greatest impact on the USDX.


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