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New York foreign exchange market – unemployment benefits and PPI data released after the dollar rose modestly

The dollar rose moderately against major foreign currencies on Thursday. With initial jobless claims and producer price indices (PPI) providing dollar support. The pound fell. Due to EU chief negotiator. Barnier said the British disassembly was disrupted and no progress was made. The dollar index, which tracks the dollar’s six currencies against the basket. It rose nearly 0.2% to 93.210.


Let’s see the number of best place to exchange money Brisbane

The pound fell to a low of 1.3144, late Wednesday at 1.3223. The euro fell to $ 1.1834. New York Wednesday late at 1.1859. Earlier this week, the worries about the outlay of Spain were slowing and the euro rose. The dollar fell to 112.38 yen. Late Wednesday at 112.49. The market continues to assess the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) on Wednesday. The record shows that low inflation continued to affect central bankers. S



President Chuanpu opened the door to replace NAFTA with a separate trade agreement with Canada and Mexico. He again warned that the United States could withdraw from NAFTA. The fourth round of NAFTA rescheduled on Tuesday. Analysts said the US dollar could be under pressure to suspect that the Republicans could not pass the tax reform bill. Good News for the best place to exchange money Brisbane. With regard to economic data. After the hurricane, the employment situation is uncertain. The inflation data is more important to assess the possible actions of the Fed.

Austrian election is not the euro against the dollar tonight is the key

Analysts have suggested that if the euro will be affected. The most likely factors are Spain and Catalonia, the analysis of the Austrian election. Whether it will affect the euro market? The analyst said if the euro will be affected. Then, the most likely factors are Spain and Catalonia The conflict between. We aim to be the best place to exchange money Brisbane.



Opinions from Banking Analysts

German banking analysts said that if concerns about the serious political crisis in Spain cannot affect the foreign exchange market, then Sunday will be held in Austria.  New congressional elections will certainly not have this effect. So the analyst that the Austrian election will not have an impact on the euro. No questioning, we are the best place to exchange money Brisbane.

As for the dollar outlook. Bathy Asset Management Managing Director Kathy Lien pointed out that this week the dollar is facing the most critical moment. The final rebound to see tonight. Because the market concerned about retail sales and CPI data. If the data is better than expected, then the dollar/yen will Head to see 113 level. However, if disappointed fell below 112 is not surprising the best place to exchange money Brisbane.


South Korea’s inflation target is expected to raise interest rates? DBS: estimated at 2018 Q2

(BOK) as expected to maintain the target interest rate unchanged at 1.25% lows. It is already the Bank of Korea for 16 consecutive months to maintain interest rates unchanged. A record monetary policy to maintain the long-term deadline. Moreover,  the market expected, in the US to further tighten monetary policy. Before the South Bank to assess the risk and remain cautious. Looking ahead to South Korea’s economic outlook. Li Zhu Lie said the 2017 GDP rose to 3%. 2017 CPI will rise to 2%. 2018 GDP expect to 2.9%. However, CPI is expected to be 1.8%


South Korean central bank

Analyst Paik Yoon-min said after the announcement of the SKCB interest rate decision. The US Federal Reserve to further tighten monetary policy plan. So it may be an important reason for the South Korean monetary policy resolution. Therefore, the South Korean central bank has been worried that the US Federal Reserve. They will continue to raise interest rates may cause the spread between the United States and South Korea narrowed. So that capital outflows in South Korea. But Paik Yoon-min analysis. The South Korean central bank does not exist the urgency of raising interest rates. Even if the US Federal Reserve in December really raise interest rates again.  South Korea will not be a large-scale capital outflow. We are the best place to exchange money Brisbane.


Best place to exchange money Brisbane and South Korea

However, South Korea’s central bank and yesterday (18) announced the flow of foreign capital.  Due to foreign capital in September out of Korean stocks and Korean debt 830 million US dollars and 3.47 billion US dollars. For the second consecutive month standing in the seller. Foreign investment in August sold a total of 3.25 billion US dollars of shares. Due to the first time since November last year out of South Korea’s assets. The analysis of the line, mainly caused by geopolitical risks caused by North Korea. After that, it led to the profitability of foreign investors.


Outlook of South Korean Economic

Looking ahead to South Korea’s economic outlook. South Korea’s central bank president. Lee Chung-run said economic growth would be near the potential growth rate. Therefore, the economy will gradually close to inflation targets. In addition, the job market situation will promote government policy improvement. Due to 2017 GDP raise to 3% CPI will rise to 2%. 2018 GDP expects to 2.9%. CPI is 1.8%. Due to whether the inflation target near the pace of interest rate near? DBS previously report that the Bank of Korea is expecting to keep interest rates. Unchanged in the second half of this year, starting from the second quarter of 2018.  After that, would these numbers affect to the best place to exchange money Brisbane?


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