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Converting AUD to NZD Tips and tricks

AUD to NZD converting tips and tricks are this artice about.


AUD to NZD Converting Background Introduction


Converting AUD to NZD Tips and tricks now is the time. The Australian dollar has become stronger over a period where lots of currencies took a substantial financial loss due to economic uncertainties. The exchange rate at the moment is in the interest of Australian’s looking to travel to new and exciting destinations around the globe. When most people think about travelling overseas it is often to destinations such as Europe or the United States of America. What if there was an equally stunning location, whose travel time was a lot less?


The hiddien trove of treasures of New Zealand


New Zealand is a hidden trove of treasures spaning two iconic and very different islands. This trend of travelling to New Zealand has been increasing as the AUD to NZD currency conversion rate has remained in Australians favour. It’s not just the tourist industry that is beckoning Australians to travel to New Zealand. For the first time there has been a shift for people moving to New Zealand for work purposes. Being prepared before you travel is highly important as unexpected costs always seem to blow most holiday budgets.


Watch out for hidden fees


One major mistake people make when travelling is relying on paying for products with Credit Cards or withdrawing money from foreign ATMS. When you pay for a purchase with your Debit or Credit Card, your bank will generally charge you a conversion fee. If you have not contacted your bank before you travel you can have your card suspended. Overseas purchases can alert the fraud department of your bank. Even if you inform your bank before you travel, there are many stories of cards being suspended and customers left trying to desperately access cash. If you withdraw cash overseas, your bank will charge you a conversion fee.


When converting AUD to NZD


The high exchange rate you would receive when converting AUD to NZD will weaken and you are left with less money. In regard to AUD to NZD, 1 AUD generally buys over 1.07 NZD. When you withdraw money from an ATM that conversion could fall to a ratio of 1:1. It might seem like a small amount at the time but when you continually withdraw cash from foreign ATM’s, this small amount of money accumulates to a large and unexpected amount. By using Value Currency Exchange Brisbane you can obtain the money with no fees. That means more money to spend on spoiling yourself or family on holiday.


Make your money last longer


A second major mistake people tend to make when travelling is only taking a small amount of converted currency into the travel destination. People generally assume if they take enough to cover them for one or two days. It is often advised to exchange additional currency in case of emergencies. If you do not like the idea of keeping all your money in one place, put it in three places that you trust. One amount can be in your wallet, one in your travel passport and one hidden within your carry-on luggage. This way if anything does happen you have reserves in different and safe areas. If you convert all your currency from AUD to NZD at Value Currency Exchange Brisbane, you can divide up the money into three all without fees.



How safe is your online transactions


In recent trends virtual currency conversion has become more popular, but just any transaction that occurs online there are risks involved. The reliability and security of online currency exchange has left many travellers stranded. Counterfeited notes or accounts that become emptied are occurring more frequently. When you convert your money in a physical location, you are safe in the knowledge that the money is real and in your possession. Value Currency Exchange Brisbane, offers customers peace of mind and knowledge that all exchanges are legitimate. The worst thing that can happen while on holidays is being stranded without having any way to access your funds. By using our service, we ensure that our customers have a hassle free guaranteed currency in case of emergencies.


Why choose New Zealand?


New Zealand has many amazing activities and excursions to offer. If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can get your fix on New Zealand’s South Island. The South Island has everything from Bungy Jumping, to Sky Diving, Canyon Swinging and White-Water Rapids. If you feel like sightseeing why not try Kayaking on the glacial lake in Franz Josef. Your journey taking you through the ancient rainforests filled with trees over 900 years old. The North Island of New Zealand offers just as rare activities. You can explore the Waitomo Caves, which are fill with thousands of glow-worms which light up the Glowworm Caves. Or head to the natural beauty and spender of Huka Falls, located at Waikato Rive. If you adored the Hobbit, why not visit Hobbiton and spend time exploring where the hobbits live.


Last stop before you embark on your journey


If you are heading over to New Zealand, visit Value Currency Exchange Brisbane before you leave. Value Currency Exchange Brisbane guarantees the best exchange rates, matching any bank or other currency exchange provider. Make your AUD to NZD stretch further with our competitive rates.  By exchanging your money before you leave, you won’t spend money and effort searching for places to convert your currency. Let Value Currency Exchange Brisbane take care of all your money needs. Allowing you to rest and have the holiday you deserve. With the money you save through using us, you can treat yourself to even more adventures that the enhancing New Zealand has to offer.


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