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After the announcement, the statement hinted that the December rate hike rose moderately


In Wednesday afternoon, FED announced their policy statement. Due to they claimed the US economic is strong recently, the interest rate is positive to rise. However, the trend of USD exchange to other currencies is stuck. Earlier today, the US announced the economic numbers. Including private company new employees increasing and manufacturing isn’t fit the expectation. Therefore, they are going to rebalance USD. We got currency exchange brisbane best rates.


The index of USD to six currencies increased 0.30% to 94.795. The pound fell to $ 1.3259 on Wednesday, New York Tuesday at 1.3283. But the pound rose to $ 1.3321 high, the British manufacturing data better than expected, for the bullish. The euro fell to $ 1.1616, late Tuesday at 1.1648. The dollar rose to 114.11 yen, a three-day high, late Tuesday reported 113.64. Due to these numbers, we got currency exchange brisbane best rates.



The pounds broke 1.33 dollars in short. The British October Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index rose to 56.3. It’s higher than 55.9 the expectation. After that, the pound rose.


In the US

Without surprise, FED decided to maintain the same interest rate on Wednesday. Therefore, the investors move the focus to the BOE meeting on Thursday. They expected the CEO of BOE Carnnie would rise the rate to 0.5%. It would be the first time to rise the rate in the past ten years.

In the US, the investors are waiting for the Republican Party announce the alter-tax policy. According to the report, the policy is going to reduce the company tax to 20%. Besides, they expect President Trump is going to announce the new chairman of FED to replace Ye-Lun. According to the report, it might be Powell. As we believe, it would not be related to currency exchange brisbane best rates.


Bank of England currency meeting on the eve of the pound


The Bank of England will start a monetary policy meeting tonight. The market is expected to be the first time in October to raise interest rates. In addition, the market concerned about the pound outlook. Dao Ming Securities pointed out that unless the release of more hawks. Otherwise, the pound will be under pressure.

Dow Jones Financials Research Group notes that they expect the Bank of England to raise interest rates by 25 basis points. It will be the first rate hike for more than 10 years by the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). That is expected to vote at 7: 2 in favor of raising interest rates. However, there may be a risk of 8: 1 or 6: 3. Check currency exchange brisbane best rates now.



Unless the Bank of England passes a further hawk signal through a polling or rate hike guide, the pound is easy to retrace. Moreover, they speculate that the pound may have a real reaction. However, the results of the unexpected hawk will continue to rise until the focus turns November 9 next round of the European negotiations.

Strategist Liang Zhilin today in the Ming Pao News Network pointed out that the BOE announced today the results of the currency meeting. The interest rate futures market showed a chance to raise interest rates close to 90 percent. Therefore, he believes that the impact of interest rates on the pound. Furthermore, the market focus will concern whether the rollover cycle represents the expansion. That’s why we got currency exchange brisbane best rates.

However, Liang Zhilin said that from the fundamental point of view. Despite the 3% of the inflation station, the economic growth is weak. The new capital level did not see the pace of accelerated. The Bank of England got expectation to take off Europe will reduce financial related positions 75,000 Job opportunities. Moreover, combined with the above factors, he believes that the Bank of England quarterly rate hike is unlikely. He also pointed out that the pound will be in 1.31 to 1.34 up and down.


currency exchange brisbane best rates

Before the Bank of England launched a monetary policy meeting, the British pound long and short sides to start a game duel. Shanghai Securities News (2) reported that in the November 1 trading. The foreign exchange market showed long and short game. The day of the Asian trading session, the pound fell against the dollar. However, rebounded in the European trading session. Taipei time 16:40, the exchange rate reported 1.3307 and 0.18%. At the same time, the euro fell against the pound 0.24% to 0.8748. The pound against the yen rose 0.42%.

Ka Shing Group technical analyst Fawad Razaqzada argue that if the Bank of England as expected to choose to raise interest rates. Even if the market has been widely expected, the pound short-term exchange rate will continue further upward. Bank of England decision makers may also be on the inflation forecast. So that the pound to further support. Hopefully, we are still the currency exchange brisbane best rates.



However, Richard Hallett, a UK-based growth fund manager who manages £ 199 million in assets. He reported that the interest rate is hard to return to normal due to consumer credit and government debt levels in British society. Up to 2% above, so he expects the Bank of England to raise interest rates this year because of soaring inflation. However, he pointed out that the UK economic outlook has many noteworthy areas, including the uncertainty of Europe, weaker consumer confidence and rising debt levels. After all, we got currency exchange brisbane best rates.


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