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Unstable Politics affects the Market, US Dollars Fell

The ex-national security consultant Fulin admitted that he lied to the federal investigators. Rumors say he will testify that President Trump indicated him to communicate with the Russian officers. The US dollars fell after the news. Value currency exchange Brisbane city keeps the following.


The Indexes

USDX fell 0.3% to 92.812. The index almost remained at the same level in this week. Euro rose to 1.1907 US dollars. It ended at 1.1904 on Thursday. US dollars fell to 112.03 Japanese Yuen and ended at 112.54 on Thursday.

American Scandal

According to ABC News, Fulin will testify against President Trump.  US dollar fell after the news. Fulin admitted the conversation between him and the Russian ambassador. He lied to FBI.  Ty Cobb who is the lawyer of President Trump said the confession would not affect the president. The investors are still following the progress of American Tax Reforming Policies. The Policy faced a trouble on Thursday. The voting was the delay until Friday. After the news of Fulin, leader of the majority McConnell said the Senate got enough vote to pass the tax reforming policy. The scandal wouldn’t affect currency exchange Brisbane city.



As to the British Exit of Europe Union, the Irish officers will speak to Donald Tusk who is the chairman of Europe Committee at Dublin. The Irish Goal is trying to avoid the strict border because they chose to stay at the EU. North Ireland and the rest British areas are going to exit the tariff union and single market.

At the economic numbers, Institution of Supply Management (ISM) announced 58.2 as American manufacturing index of November. The analysts predicted it would be 58. The construction spending rose 1.4% in October. It’s 0.4% higher than the exaction.

Brexit breakup fee roughly hit pound hit a two-month high


By the bullish effect of the Brexit negotiations. Sterling rose sharply yesterday. The pound broke the 1.35 mark against the U.S. dollar and hit a new high in more than two months. Earlier in the day. GBP / USD continued to rise 0.14% and intraday offer 1.3548. Sterling also against the RMB exchange rate soared yesterday. Then it broke 8.95. The pound/yuan continued to rise slightly.


The Split Fee

In addition, it is willing to shoulder half of its 100 billion euro debt. The split fee would infect world economy including currency exchange Brisbane city. Although the final split fee amount has not been finalized. The British media is expected to be between 450-550 billion euros. Earlier, both Britain and Europe saw the break-up fee issue. It resulting in the failure of the UN-EU negotiations and the transitional agreement to move forward.



Lee’s opinion

Exchange analyst of MUFG Lee Hardman took an interview of Finance Times. He mentioned the latest progress of Brexit is the reasons they expect British Pounds would rise. The in-time temporary arrangement will help the Brexit keep going in balance in the next few years. The progress of this Brexit Negotiation might help British to raise the interest rate as well. Therefore, rising the interests rate might come sooner.

Breakthroughs were negotiated and investors were also beginning to sell British bonds. Two-year bond prices fell. However, the yield rose by 4 basis points to 0.54%. It’s higher than the Bank of England’s benchmark interest rate of 0.5%. The market of currency exchange Brisbane city would be fine.


British Debt

Nomura Securities analysts told the Financial Times that the yield on British debt will continue to be pushed. Moreover, it would be higher as the news of the positive progress of Brexit. Therefore, it is a pleasant surprise for the market and the current situation may remain for some time.

currency exchange Brisbane city and the problems


Another problem with the break-up fee has emerged. Another issue of the Brexit negotiations has emerged.  The issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, it will also deal with the issue of the border between the United Kingdom and the EU.


Border Problems

If British and Ireland keep the current border without custom and really borderline. Then Brexit would lose the real meaning. It might cause the low trading effectiveness if they set customs at the border. The smuggling activities would rise a lot. Due to currency exchange Brisbane city would stay the same.




According to Star Island report. BOA remained the basic interest rate at 1.5% which is also the newest low-level record. Besides, it would be the last interest rate arrangement. It fit the expectation of the market. Chairman of BOA Philip Lowe made a statement. He mentioned the labor market is in the tense. They might able to raise the wage in the near future. The committee the staying standpoints fit the goal of inflation and economy growing.



Market analysts point out BOA need the wage rising ahead. Then they will start to raise the interest rate. The action is not only against the trend of the interest rate of FED but also exit the rising period of the Asian market. Australian Bureau of Statistics announced the retail sales numbers of October. It seems getting rid of the stopping situation in the past few months. The number rose 0.5% to 26 billion Australian dollars within a month. It has made the best record since May. Furthermore, it’s better than the analyst expectation of 0.3% rising range. The news made Australian dollars rose 0.74% to 76.54 cents.


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