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USD the Highest Point in the 7 Weeks

The trend of USD was messy on Tuesday. USD exchange to Euro fell. However, USD exchange to GBP and JPY is strong. Investors still focus on the next 12 months. The US might raise the interests’ rate. If you want to do exchange money Brisbane, check our latest news.

Federal fund futures market reacts as the FED would have 70% chance to raise the interest rate in December. However, the number was lower than 50% a month ago.

USDX to six currencies almost remains at the same level in the morning on Tuesday. The latest rate fell almost 0.1% to 93.552. It kept the highest point since the middle August. Despite the increasing recently, USD has fallen 8% in 2017 already. It might be the biggest range of decreasing in a decade. The reasons might be the interest rate increases, fiscal and trade policies of FED.

Euro increased to 1.1760 USD, ended at .1.1734 on Monday New York. However, Euro increased to 0.8861 GBP, ended at 0.8839 Monday. GBP fell a little bit to 1.3255 USD, ended at 1.3277 Monday. However, it struggles back from the lowest point in the past 3 weeks.

Central Bank of Australia decided to remain the interest rate. They are positive to the economy due to the growth of GDP in Q2. They believed the growth of employment will also be good in the next few months. However, they are worried about the exchange rate. They expected AUD would act strongly which may release the pressure of cargos. This is quite a good news for exchange money Brisbane.

In England, construction industry purchasing manager index accidentally fell to 48.1. It’s lower than the expected 50.9. It was 51.1 in August. It’s the first time that the index fell over 50. The analysts said the numbers show the delay of economic growth might affect the interest rate rising plan. In the past 12 trading days, GBP fell in 9. The pressure was from the strong USD, bad numbers of England and the worry of leaving EU.


Economic Data is better than expected, USD Trimmed Losses


An employment of service index is better than the expected. USD, therefore, trimmed the losses. The investors are waiting for the speech of Ye Lun, president of FED, and the employment report on Friday.


USDX to six currencies fell 0.1% to 93.469.


The eurozone service purchasing managers index is also better than the expected. It supported the strong performance of Euro. Euro rose to 1.1765 USD, ended at 1.1746 Tuesday. GBP rose to 1.3253 USD, ended at1.3239 Tuesday. USD fell to 112.77 JPY, ended at 112.85 Tuesday. If you see your chance, let’s do exchange money Brisbane with Value!

ISM announced the non-manufacturing index September rose to 59.8. They expected it would be 55.7. The index was 55.3 in August. After the announcement, USD Trimmed Losses.

The US will announce the employment report of September. It is very important for the market trend. The investors will see if FED is going to raise the interest rate in December. This is also important to exchange money Brisbane. So please follow Value the latest news!

Markit Company announced service purchasing managers index for September is 55.3 lower than 56 in August. ADP Company announced there were 135 thousand people got new jobs in America private companies in September. The number was 228 thousand in August.

Eurozone service purchasing manager index in September is 55.8. It was 55.6 in the beginning of September. 54.7 in August. It indicated the growth in Q4 would be good, Euro is going high. The investors would focus on the employment report of September. The analysts said if the report is disappointing, USDX might fell to 93.11.However, if it takes at 93.70 level, it might head to 94.00.


Since FED Started Discuss about the Interest Rate, Hibor has risen 0.2%


The market is expecting to raise the interests rate next year. In addition, not only Canada but also British and Australia are going to raise the interest rate. The end of low-interest rate is coming for sure. By then, the deposit and lending rates are going to rise. Due to these reasons, we are so positive about exchange money Brisbane.


The Hong Kong dollar interbank interest rate has risen again, according to the Hong Kong dollar 1-month interbank interest rate (Hibor), which is related to the interest rate (mortgage rate) Of 0.59272% to 0.60679%, compared with the May low of about 0.25%, climbed to nearly 8-month high, also since the end of January this year, the first time rose 0.6% level.


Other short-term news, yesterday (4) day overnight lending rate fell slightly to 0.2325%, 1-week lending rate of 0.4211% interest rate, 2 weeks lending rate reported 0.5157%, 3 months lending rate reported 0.7925%. In addition, the semi-annual lending rate reported 0.9605%; 1 year reported 1.3906%.


The Globe Daily News quoted Goldman Sachs’ recent research report that the gap between the Hibor and the Libor (London interbank interest rate) began to narrow, the impact of large-scale bank net interest margin positive, coupled with the Fed’s tightening measures, expected 2018 Can raise Hibor about 64 basis points, net interest margin widen 13 basis points. As a result, Goldman Sachs has a positive view of large banks such as BOC and Hang Seng.


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