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foreign currency exchange Brisbane and Morgan Stanley

Foreign currency exchange Brisbane at Value currency exchange is the best. The analyst from Morgan Stanley wrote the powers might be pushed by the potential changing of favors of global risks. It might cause the demands of Japanese Yuen. Thus, Japanese Yuen is trying to push rectify the site. Way too good to foreign currency exchange Brisbane.


Senior FX strategist Mazen Issa from TD Securities assumed that USD to JPY might fell to 104 Japanese Yuen. It’s a very low position. He said this is a reaction to the currency policy of Japan Central Bank.

The biggest threat to American Dollars: Japanese Yen, Euro, Inflation, and Government Policies


The U.S. dollars performed poorly in 2017. It fell 95 compare to the main competitors. Some people hope American dollars will recover its power in next year. However, the path is still long and full of obstacles. Good for foreign currency exchange Brisbane.


On the other hand, FED and other advanced central banks proceed the loose interest rate range. It will be able to support the trend of American dollars. BOE is decreasing the purchase debts while BOJ does nothing at all. Even the interest rising concept of FED indicated there would be 3 times of interest rise in 2018. However, we are reasonable to believe there might cause more troubles for the U.S. dollars in the next year.

Japanese Yuen

The comments about quantitative easing negative effects from the officers of BOJ made the expectation of people in the past few weeks. BOJ seems giving up their money-losing policy. The strategist expects that Japanese Yuen will rise in the next year. The reasons are the policies of the central bank and the adjustment of the Yield curve. We sell Japanese Yuen for foreign currency exchange Brisbane.

According to the next year top ten Forex trading report of Morgan Stanley, Japanese government bond curve may go down in very short. The global inflation might push Japanese inflation higher. It will be high enough to make BOJ manage their Yield curve to reduce the losing policies.





The rising of Euro in this year may extend to the next year. Since economy in the Eurozone catches up to the United States, Eurozone economy grew very strong. It pushed Euro exchange to American dollars head back about 13%. We provide Euro exchange at foreign currency exchange Brisbane as well.



They expect the economy will still be supported. However, the Euro Zone might be benefited by the continuing global extends and the funds from the self-manage currency institution. The fund will turn to the Euro Zone again with the supporting business from 2017. Besides, the trading from the central banks might be scale. They will bring Euro a very beneficial basis.

Needless to say, there is still some risks for the Euro. The outcome of Brexit and the Italian election in May are the risks to Euro. It’s not good to see if the election runs like France and German as well as the independence vote in Catalonia 2017.

Inflation and Policies

The consumer price inflation is still low in advanced countries this year. Some market involvers are worrying about CPI might rise in very short in 2018. In the other hand, it might force the central banks to take some faster moves which leads to mistakes risks. Risks are nothing to foreign currency exchange Brisbane.

ABN Amro first economist Han de Jong wrote the reducing policy is more positive than the market expectation. It might harm the economic growth.

“We expect FED will increase the interests in the second quarter. And then they will increase it again in the 4th quarter.” Issa comment 2018 like that.

FED interest rate committee will hold a conference in January. Because of the time is just too near from the interests rising in December, they might not raise the interest until March. President Trump’s tax reforming got another problem. The reforming includes the policies that attract the funds back to America. However, Foreign currency exchange Brisbane market looks forward to it.


Natixis made an interesting opinion. Before the agreement between Senate and House, it’s hard to make a comment to the content of the tax reforming



South Africa ANC is about to elect a new chairman Rand rose to a new high in three months


The South African rand rose to a new three-month high against the dollar as the ruling Congress of the African National Assembly (ANC) prepares to elect a new leader. At 10:07 pm in Johannesburg, the South African currency rose 1.4% to 12.9227 dollars per U.S. dollar. Therefore, the highest level since Sept. 7. The euro rose 1.4% against the dollar to 15.1865.


Dealers bet on Cyril Ramaphosa will get more division nominations will beat the opponent Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma in the election. At a national election held in Johannesburg on Sunday, when five officials announced their candidacy. No official was nominated by a party representative. The executive director of Prodigy Asset Management Guy Algeo said over the phone: “The market is one step ahead.” “But there are still changes.”


According to Rand Merchant Bank, the victory of Ramaphosa, a wealthy businessman before becoming vice chairman of the party in 2012. It could trigger gains in South African Rand as he is seen as the most popular candidate for investors. Former ANC president, former president Jacob Zuma’s ex-wife and preferred candidate Dlamini-Zuma won. South African Rand will test last year’s exchange rate low of 14.57.

foreign currency exchange Brisbane

However, the result of the election is expected to be announced on Monday. The election has split the 105-year-old ANC, putting pressure on Rand and South African bonds and affecting outsiders’ investments. Value currency exchange is good for foreign currency exchange Brisbane.



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