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Gold and silver bullions and coins are Value Currency’s newest addition to its existing line of services. As per our tradition, we supply only the highest quality LBMA certified precious metal products, and help customers buy gold bullion at the best possible price currently on the market. Whether you’re looking to buy gold or silver bullions for the first time or a customer that has been buying precious metals for years, our experienced team is available to talk to you today. 

We help local Brisbane customers buy, sell, store and invest, offering credible information and advice along the way. Being a newer silver and gold dealer in Brisbane, our best price guarantee for bullions and coins is unparalleled. We help customers buy gold bars and other precious metals, passing on savings to ensure you invest at the very best price. If you’re searching for the best gold bullion dealer or the cheapest silver bullion dealer, look no further than Value Currency.

The team at Value Currency understands better than anybody else that earning your trust is pivotal to our success. For this reason, we are committed to triple testing every product you purchase from us to prove its authenticity. This ensures you walk away with 100% peace of mind that your product will stand the test of time in any market condition. 

Gold and silver are the world’s oldest real assets and can be held as a reliable investment. Therefore, buying or investing in gold and silver bullions or Perth Mint gold bars is always a smart decision. Gold and silver have been considered a safe form of collateral for centuries, promoting a preservation of wealth and protected from the devaluation of currency.  

Capital growth returns and the need to diversify portfolios to shield from economic uncertainly have helped maintain the strong demand for gold and silver. Not only do physical precious metals, including gold bullion, allow you to broaden your wealth portfolio, it also serves as a safety net against inflation. Rather than solely rely on the Australian banking and financial system or property, precious metals provide reassurance when investing. They are a safe form of collateral, particularly in financial crises. History suggests that gold will perform well through recessions, economic downturns or periods of high inflation. Furthermore, as a ‘real asset’, gold cannot be printed and thus is the only ‘true store’ of value. 

From silver bullions to the premium gold bullions for investment, we have your needs covered. We exclusively stock a few key pieces of precious metal instruments to help you achieve your wealth preservation goal. Currently our range is predominantly from Perth Mint. Its reputation globally is unparalleled for their products is a symbol of quality and reliability. Internationally renowned for gold and silver bullion and coins, Perth Mint gold bars and other physical metals are available in an extensive range of weights and sizes. These products boast purity while abiding by environmental and safety standards throughout the entirety of the refinement process. Value Currency specialises in mainly Perth Mint gold and silver products.

Value Currency has helped, and will continue, to help save local customers money when it comes to bullions. We operate with strong values and integrity, offering great service to our customers buying gold bullion and the like. Our team is friendly and professional, always operating with the best outcome for our customers in mind. Please browse through below to explore our range of bullion products. 

If you have any queries regarding buying/selling bullion, bars and coins, please call Value Currency on 1300 159 319. Alternatively, visit our Brisbane office to discuss your requirements with a team of experienced gold bullion dealers.