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Pressures on USD, Trump Dismiss Corporate Advisory Committee

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Pressures on USD, Trump Dismiss Corporate Advisory Committee
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Pressures on USD, Trump Dismiss Corporate Advisory Committee


A closely-watched USD indicator went low last Wednesday. A news pointed out two advisory committees of Trump would be dismissed due to the leaving of CEOs.

The index of USD to six currency in a basket went down 0.3% to 93.5170. After the news of dismissing of High CEOs Advisory Committee in Wall Street, the index dropped.

Several CEOs resigned from the presidents’ Manufacturing Committee. They intend to protest Trump’s reaction from the White Supremacist assembly in Virginia last week. The assembly caused a woman dead. However, Trump blamed both sides about the violent conflict. This reaction made people worried about he is supporting White Supremacist under the table. Some CEOs left because of his reaction last Wednesday.

Trump made a post in Twitter that Manufacturing Committee and Strategic Policy Forum are going over. The previous news pointed out they were discussing the dismissing.

The Pressures on USD

FED announced the conference record in July. It shows USD index goes down faster because of the slow inflation, Central Bank’s policy of supporting USD still unsure.






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