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Catalonia Independent Vote Causes Spain Turmoil, Euro Fell
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Catalonia Independent Vote Causes Spain Turmoil, Euro Fell


Euro fell on Monday. The independent vote of Catalonia became a turmoil. The conflict between the police and the civics caused hundreds of people injured. Best exchange rate of Brisbane is with Value Currency Exchange.


USDX to six currencies rose 0.5% to 93.582. Euro fell to 1.1744 USD, ended at 1.1814 last Friday in New York. However, Euro exchange to GBP rose to 0.8854, ended at 0.7463 last Friday New York. GBP fell over 1% to 1.3262 USD, ended at 1.3399 last Friday. USD rose to 112.59 JPY, ended at 112.49 last Friday.


Catalonia which is located at north Spain held an independent vote last weekend. The Madrid government claimed it was an illegal activity. The conflict between the police and the civics caused more than 800 voters injured. In addition, Euro fell. The leader of Catalonia said 90% of the voters supported to independence. Due to the separatists are the major in Catalonia Council, they are expected to claim independence in the next few days.

For investors who want to invest in Euro, now is not on the best exchange rate trend.

Investors shall pay more attention to the situation. Would it become a bigger crisis in Euro area?


The analysts said Spain might become another new crisis especially if the president of Catalonia announced independence. He had made the promise to announce independence in 48 hours. It might cause more turmoil. Therefore, the leaders of EU might get involved.


The most serious in history bloody mass shootings happened in Las Vegas U.S. on Sunday. However, USD remains the level. The analysts said the president of FED, Ye Lun, will finish his term of office in February 2018. By that time, the ex-officer of FED Kevin Warsh might take his place. He is considered as a hawk. Therefore, USD still got the support. The U.S. will make public the employment report of September on Friday. It is very important to the market.


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