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North Korea calls Trump’s threats a ‘declaration of war’ – Korean Won Devalues
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North Korea calls Trump’s threats a ‘declaration of war’ – Korean Won Devalues

The confrontation between the United States and North Korea rose again. The funds transferred to safe-haven assets. The yen rebounded to 111 yuan against the dollar. Won down to 1136 against the US dollar. The New Taiwan dollar against the US dollar on the 26th also depreciated 30.2 yuan. Once touched 30.24 Yuan, depreciation of 6.8 points. The current shock in the 30.198 yuan up and down. News article brought to you by Brisbane’s Cheapest money exchange place – Value Currency Exchange.

North Korea’s foreign minister, Li Yonghao. He said that the recent remarks made by US President Chopo. Who had declared war on North Korea. Had the right to shoot down US strategic bombers. This conversation, the US stock market 4 major comprehensive low. And Philadelphia Semiconductor fell nearly 2% of the most heavy decline. Taiwan shares opened down 2.45 points on the 26th. The weighted stock price index to 10333.44 points out. The current climbing, rose more than 10 points.

In the international currency market, under the geopolitical tensions. The Korean won back to 1136 won against the dollar. The yen rose 112 price, once came to 111.51 yen against the dollar. While the central parity of RMB against the dollar came to 6.6076 yuan. Compared with the previous day depreciation of 131 basis points.

The Bank of silver pointed out that in the Korean won back. he NT dollar against the dollar to 30.23 yuan. Depreciated 5.8 points out, and then further touched 30.24 yuan. However, due to stock doubles. Coupled with the end of the exporters have to sink Demand. Followed by the dollar against the dollar at 30.198 yuan up and down the shock consolidation.

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