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AUD will Raise in Short Term

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AUD will Raise in Short Term
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Unemployment Rate 5.6% in July, AUD will Raise in short term

According to ABC Report, Australian Government announced the rate of unemployment in July is 5.6% as expected. AUD raised a bit like 0.20% to 0.7941 USD. 5.6% not only fit the expected but also stay at the lowest point in two years. The only thing needs to worry is the main cause was only because of the increase of part-time jobs employees. This detail might affect the market.The Labor Force Participation Rate July is 65.1% from 65.0% in June. It is better than the expected 65.0% by market economists.On 16th July, Australian Government announced the National Salary Growth Q2. Compare to last year, it’s only 1.9% which makes the lowest record in the history. The market economists worry about there would be an impact on the expenditure of consumers in Australia.


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