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New York Exchange Market: USD Getting Weaker but Performed Well
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New York Exchange Market: USD Getting Weaker but Performed Well

The US made public their economic data last Friday. USD is getting weaker. However, USD still made the hugest increasing record in a week since June. We positively expect FED will increase the interest rate again.


The US made public their retailing rate decreased 0.2%. They expected it would remain at the same level. Excluding the automobiles, the retailing rate in August increased 0.2%. It was expected 0.4% increasing.

The US production in August decreased 0.9% which was expected remained at the same level. The capacity utilization fell to 76.1% which was expected at 76.8%. The consumer confidence index in September is 95.3 which is higher than 94.5 the expected.

The Analyst said the retailing data is disappointing but the manufacturing index in New York State is 24.4. It is higher than the expected. The production rate in August fell might belongs to one of the impacts of hurricane Havy. It might be even worse in September because of the impacts of hurricane Emma.

The consumer confidence index seems isn’t influenced by the impacts of the parade by White supremacist in Virginia August. The conversation about that parade by president Trump was judged by the society. The market questioned their power to carry out the policies, the confidence decreased. The relationship with North Korea is still nervous but the impacts are limited now.



USDX to six currencies fell 0.4% to 91.743. It made the hugest increasing in a week since 9th June this week. The market expected the chance of FED increase interest before the year would be over 50%. They increased 30% last week. It helped the USDX increase as well.

North Korea launched another missile passed through Japanese sky area. The US and Japan have already required UN for an emergency meeting. However, the launching today influenced not as much as in August. USD increased to 111 JPY, ended at 110.23 on Thursday.

GBP break 1.36 USD, then back to 1.3581, ended at 1.3398 on Thursday. British Central Bank officer Willem said they need to increase interests soon. The bomb in London is considered as a terrorist attack. However, the influenced to GBP is limited.


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