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Forex Exchange News Rise the Interests: GBP Rise, the Expecting Exchange Rate Increased BOE had a 7 to 2 vote on Thursday and decided to maintain 0.25% interest rate which is the lowest record point. It fit the expected of the market. However, according to the meeting record, most the members of Monetary Policy Committee […]

Foreign Currency News New York Exchange Market: USD Getting Weaker but Performed Well The US made public their economic data last Friday. USD is getting weaker. However, USD still made the hugest increasing record in a week since June. We positively expect FED will increase the interest rate again.   The US made public their […]

Currency Exchange News! New York Exchange Market: Investors shall remind the CPI index on Thursday   The rate of USD to most currencies increase on Wednesday. The investors don’t care about the PPI index in August is lower than expected but the CPI index on Thursday. US PPI index was expected to increase 0.3% but […]

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Money Exchange News of USDX, Risks, and Market Gundlach: USD might head back to 96-97 CEO of DoubleLine Jeffrey Gundlach who is also well known as the new king of debts pointed out that USD has reached the lowest point on Tuesday. It will head back up in the near future. However, it isn’t a […]

New York Exchange Market: Natural Disasters, Tense Politics and Yield Rate Fell, USD keeps Falling The exchange rate of USD to other main currencies fell last Friday. Hurricane scourge, tense international politics, and bonds yield rate keeps falling makes pressures on USD. USDX to six currencies fell 0.3% to 91.354. The government approved the aid […]

Euro Goes Strong: Central Bank of Europe Has Nothing to Do, the Problem is from USD Ex CEO of Europe Bank told CNBC last Friday that ECB is facing a serious problem. However, the problem is from the United States. Euro keeps going strong. Recently Euro even rose over 1.20 USD level. This brought a […]

Exchange Market Monday: Thermonuclear Weapon of North Korea, JPY Acts Strong in Short Term   According to the report of FXStreet, JPY and Gold price highly increased on Monday morning because of the missile of North Korea. USD to JPY was at 110.26 level last Friday. Since the missile from North Korea, JPY increased to […]

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New York Exchange Market- USD Keeps Going Up Supported by Employment Numbers and GDP Report   USD keeps rise higher. Private companies’ employment number is better than the expected. Besides, GDP in goes up and Euro tend to remain normal. All the factors support USD rising. USD keeps rise USDX GDP report.   USDX to […]

The Biggest Falling Range in 10 Years of USD: The Following Depends on Trump’s Tax Policies   USDX fell over 92, reached 91.62, the level of the beginning of 2015. To conclude, it has fallen 10.2% this year. The last time USD fell over 10% was in 2002-2003. What will happen to USD? Some analysts […]

Missile Launching, Risks-Avoiding, JPY Goes Up, Gold over 1320 USD North Korea launched a missile passed Japan at dawn. The Japanese government announced emergency evacuation notification to their people. Japanese stocks fell to the lowest point in the 4 months. South Korea fell 1%, Taiwanese fell 0.5% and Hong Kong fell a bit as well. […]