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Euro Rises Again
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Euro Rises Again

The dollar fell to a ten-month low against the euro on Tuesday. Investors commented on when the euro zone revitalization plan began to shrink. European Central Bank President Draghi made a speech in Portugal, he pointed out that the European Central Bank did not intend to tighten monetary policy, but largely unchanged. The atmosphere of the dove of the conversation, compared to his earlier speech in the dove atmosphere reduced, the euro thus rose. The euro rose 1.48 percent to $ 1.1345 and New York was late Monday at 1.1182.The dollar index, which tracks the dollar against the basket, fell 1.6 percent to 96.38.

European Central Bank’s Debt Purchase Plan

In recent weeks, the European Central Bank’s debt purchase plan, affecting the value of the euro. Earlier this month, ECB officials said there was no discussion of a debt reduction plan. The conversation raised the dollar against the euro. The United States announced April housing prices weaker than expected, the dollar fell faster. Republican lawmakers have postponed their vote on health insurance law, as several lawmakers say they will not support the current health insurance law. The Congressional Budget Office report states that the health insurance law will allow 22 million people to be insured. Analysts said the Senate could not pass the health insurance law, indicating that the government is losing political capital, other policies will be difficult to pass, such as tax reform and infrastructure spending, the dollar is bad.

Pound Rose

Fed Chairman Ye Lun made a speech today. She reiterated that the rate hike will be slow, the Fed will avoid making the market unstable. The pound rose 0.6% to 1.2799 USD, late Monday reported 1.2721. This week, the pound rose, British Prime Minister Mey and the Northern Ireland Democratic Unity Party reached an agreement to support the Conservative government. The dollar rose to 112.13 yen, late Monday reported 111.87.


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